Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Google, alliteration, massage chairs... huh?

I'm always fascinated by the online search topics that lead people to my blog.

Without a doubt, the most popular search leads to a post I wrote in March. As it turns out, there are people all over the world getting faint lines on pregnancy tests every.stinkin'.day. and they're all googling about it.

That post is also quite popular with those of you who are looking for an alliteration about Friday. I've got a solution in store... an alliteration for every day of the week, coming soon. But not today.

Also popular are product searches about Dr. Bloom's, Hostess Cupcakes and BINSI. Product seekers... did you find what you were looking for? Have you made your purchase yet?

Speaking of purchases, those massage chairs for pedicures must be more popular than I thought. Do you own a salon? or did you just want one of these to replace that broken down recliner in the den?

Other items on the list include discount coupons for Point Defiance, childproofing, a poem about miscarriage and applying Vaseline to a new circumcision... and hey, did you know Vaseline won't clog your pores? So you can slap a big glob of it right on your face, worry free!

See what I mean? Search topics are fascinating... who knew?

I just have one question though. To the person who googled 'Peanut Torture,' did you find what you were looking for? What were you looking for??


The Smiths said...

How in the world did you find out what searches were leading to your site?? And did you google peanut torture to see what else came up? ;)

natsirt said...

Peanut torture must surely involve riding around on the god awful ugly bike you have pictures of.

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