Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Blog Made Me Do It

Hello. My name is Christina, and I've lost every ounce of self control. I am also addicted to orange-flavored Hostess cupcakes, and I will go to odd lengths to get them.

My blog made me do it. I swear.

You see, it's like this... I wrote that post this morning, and then off I went about my day. But it really bothered me that the photo in the post wasn't my own, and quite frankly, it bothered me even more that it isn't a 'pretty' photo. So I got to thinking, if I were to just purchase a package of the little orange beauties, I could photograph them to my hearts content.

It was simple, really. Until I got to the creepy Hostess Outlet:

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(please take care to notice the hand-painted handicapped parking sign. looks as though he's got a flat...)

...and realized you get a price break if you purchase five packages. Now, you all know how much I love a bargain, right?

So how could I say no?

The good news is I've only eaten one cupcake, and they've been in my possession roughly three hours.

Also, I got my picture:

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Who are we kidding?

You didn't think I only took one picture, did you?

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The little guy on the right, there? He's, um, no longer with us.

1 comment:

Mommyof2girlz said...

haha great post. I have yet to try the orange ones, but your pictures might have persuaded me to buy some tomorrow :)

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