Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm just sayin'...

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Years ago, before marriage was ever on the table, Ryan's parents warned me that he's got a tendency to be a bit less than graceful. Ok--he's downright clumsy. Sometimes. Give the guy five hot dinner plates and a crowded restaurant, and he's set. (We can thank his part-time job in high school and college for that.) Lower stress environments, however, do not lend themselves to the safety or general well-being of ones possessions.

I rearranged the other day. You know--moving Camden's crib along side our bed? The new location of our bed doesn't allow for cumbersome bedside tables and lamps.

Because no project I start is ever finished in one day anymore, I left a few things for the next day. Including the poor, unassuming lamp shade you see pictured above.

Ryan maintains I should not have "hidden" it underneath the down duvet, where it met its doom. I believe words were mumbled about just buying a new one.

I wonder, if I were to hide my Coach or my Louis Vuitton under that same duvet, where it might happen to be so innocently squished, would the same rule apply?

I mean, it only seems fair... right?


Shara said...

Lamp shades are stupid expensive. I just bought a lamp not too long ago and I'd love to get a colored shade for it, but I'm too stingy to fork out the money. I would agree that you should be able to play that attitude to your advantage, though! :D

mr. weedon said...

Ok, I do not post here very often as I have respect for "your" space not that we have space to ourselves... never mind that I do believe that under the duvet ON THE ARM OF MY CHAIR was not the best decision.

love you,

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