Saturday, June 6, 2009

Little Orange Cupcakes

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Have you ever had one of these?

They're to die for. Promise.

Like orange-flavored crack.

Last fall, when I was about seven months pregnant, I was a rebel in the food department. After quite a few months on the South Beach Diet, pregnancy was my free pass. I was going to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.


A friend innocently made mention of Hostess orange cupcakes. At the time, it seemed simple enough. Being about two weeks further along than I was, I could see why she might be in the food mood. Little did I know, her craving was about to become the bane of my existence.

For two weeks, I drove around town in search of those little orange cakes. I tried grocery stores, gas stations, the 7-11 in the weird part of town. Nothing. Nada. No little cakes.

...and then Ryan figured it out. He had the common sense to ask the Hostess guy! But of course! I'd like to say he was desperately trying to help my mini-crisis, but probably he was just tired of hearing me yammer on about chemically-charged cupcakes.

What did Hostess man say?

"Go to the Hostess Bakery Outlet," Ryan reported.

"Well, of course!" I chirped.

I paused. "We've got a Hostess Bakery Outlet?"

So off I went... and wouldn't you know?? There they were! I loaded a couple of packages into my arms and waddled toward the front counter, where I was cut off by a woman with Coke, Twinkies and four bags of chips.

It took every ounce of self control not to say something. Pregnancy hormones do that to you. But then I would have looked desperate. I was most certainly not desperate.

...or so I told myself.


Beka's Blog said...

Did you love the South Beach? I did it a few years back and dropped 17 lbs in 6 days. It was awesome. Now I wish I was motivated to try it again. While I don't crave little orange cupcapes (not a typo but what my 4 yr old calls them) I crave cookies. What kind? Any! I <3 cookies! YUM!

Christina said...

I love, love, love SB. I cannot, however, DO the first two phases right now, because Camden is still nursing.

I'd rather pack around a few extra pounds than have to buy formula when things are working out ok, right?

Soon, though.

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