Tuesday, May 12, 2009


It's the name of the game today!!

Over the weekend, Camden discovered his ability to get up on hands and knees and rock back and forth. With his determination, I give it a couple of days before he's following me around the house.

I spent yesterday evening cleaning and tidying, and next will be the childproofing.

So tell me, what are some 'sneaky' things I might not think of? What is your favorite childproofing product??

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Shannon and Casey said...

Oh the rocking! My little girl has been doing that for a couple weeks now too. I am just waiting for the days she takes off! I'm still trying to finish up the child proofing too. Fun times!

Tracy & Mason said...

Definitely strap furniture to the walls. Just when you think "oh, they're only crawling, we have time" they start trying to pull themselves up onto everything. Crawl around kind of low around your house and see what kind of stuff he can get behind and into. You are probably already doing this but just in case; make sure everything you clean with is non-toxic. As soon as Mason was mobile started crawling around and tasting everything...the hardwood floor, the windows, the cabinet knobs! Good Luck

shelley said...

ahhhh i just left you a comment and my computer crashed, so i came back to repost! lol... what i was saying before the wonderful technology of today crashed lol, was wow! so much has changed since i had my first daughter almost 21 years ago, they were just putting latches on cabinets then, that's it... i'm jealous of all these wonderful products, cute clothes, maternity clothes are soo much better, and technology is at a whole different level, makes you want to do it all again.... ok, maybe not! lol but enjoy it's over in a heartbeat! i'm following you from mbc, stop by and say "hi"

The Smiths said...

I didn't think about UNDER the sofa til I found Critter nibbling on a Bumpass-hair-dust-bunny the other day. Blech!

Creed said...

I would recommend getting the grippy door know covers. outlet covers, gates, toilet seat straps, carbon monoxide detector. In addition I would get fire-prevention outlets. Someone recommend this to me and it makes me more comfortable at home knowing that no electrical outlets can set on fire. It is just one more thing to think about when childproofing your house. When I childproofed my house I crawled around the ground to make sure everything was safe and I double checked everything. It sounds ridiculous but it helps! Good Luck!


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