Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Point Defiance

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We extended Father's Day into a full weekend and visited the zoo yesterday. Camden's first trip to the zoo, in fact. He couldn't have cared any less about the caged critters, but he still had a good time. I'm sure of it, because he slept for two hours afterward. He never does that.

Highlights include seeing the sharks and elephants, hot dogs for lunch, buying a giant fuzzy snake that reminds me of the Jungle Book, and being momentarily chased by this guy:

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Highlights do not include being asked to leave my prized possession... I mean... our stroller... outside certain exhibits (does anyone else worry their stroller will have vanished when they come back??) or feeling icky on the drive home. I hate riding in the car.


Shara said...

Hey it's YOU! Cute pic chica. I love that zoo. :)

Becca said...

Yes! I hated having to leave my stroller outside!
Sounds like a very great father's day. I hope we can get to the zoo this week.

tanya said...

Lovely family. I am following you from mbc. Hope you'll follow me too

Maggie said...

I just love going to the zoo!

indigoghost said...

We took Lily there when my parents came to visit... I hated leaving the stroller outside the aquarium... We came out at a completely different place and couldn't find where we left it. lol

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