Friday, August 14, 2009

Re: Help. Again.

A few notes, on the baking front:

Molly suggested that perhaps I'm over-de-stick-i-fying. In the picture on my original post, I had only used Pam cooking spray, so, I don't think that's it?

I used Pam cooking spray again two days ago for a chocolate zucchini bread (yum!! even if it looks scary in the picture. and those are chocolate chips. Not char.) and wound up with this situation:

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Seriously?! The recipe called for a CUP of oil. I never, ever imagined I'd have stickage with a good coating of spray and that much oil in the bread. It also never occurred to me to try butter instead.

I'm also definitely not an over-baker. You're going to laugh at me, but I have a tendency to sit in front of the oven during the last ten minutes of baking, give or take. Yes. I sit there waiting, crouched next to the little window like a toddler. But hey, at least you'll never be served a crispy cookie at my house!

I'm 99% sure I let both the cakes and the bread cool adequately, Eve. Having a mobile baby is good for that sort of thing! But, I don't have to remind you of that. Our oven is brand new, and I honestly hadn't even thought to check the temperature. Funny, because I'm usually quite picky about that. I'll have to hunt for my little thermometer.

...and Wilton makes a spray? Where do I find it??

Maybe I'm just doomed to a life of tracing my pans on waxed paper prior to baking.

Or I guess I could just make friends with the local bakery.

Or, *gasp!* stop eating so much crap.


eve said...

Ok, C, I am really bothered by this too, since you seem to be doing everything right? I actually googled it and was reminded that I also shake my quick breads loose in the pan before I invert the pan to get it out. Shimmy shimmy side to side until it thumps and shake up and down till it thumps on the bottom too. Do you do that?

Shara said...

Chocolate zucchini bread is on my to do list this weekend too! :) Yum! Honestly I've found that pam burns so I don't use it to grease a pan anymore. But that may support the hypothesis that I'm over cooking my bread...

Molly said...

hmmmmm. Now I'm on a mission. you're doing everything humanly possible not to get it to stick. I had a problem with cookies a while back, no matter how careful I was, the bottoms got a bit too dark. I finally discovered Silpat, which is the bomb. Think waxed paper on steriods. They sell it as liners for your baking pans, and they're re-usable. Might be worth a shot?

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