Wednesday, August 12, 2009


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Can someone please explain why this always happens to me?

I greased the heck out of the pan before the batter went in... I've tried flouring, too.

Greasing AND flouring. Check.

Waxed paper in the bottom works, but only for a round pan.

What about a bunt?

(is there supposed to be a 'd' in there? Spell-check says no.)
I may just be crazy. Please do not respond to this statement.

Anyway. Baker-types. A little help, please?


Momma Such said...

I use Wilton cooking spray and never have that problem. Have you tried that? If that doesn't work I have no idea! Sorry! :)

Molly said...

not all pans need flour as well as grease, I usually just do a layer of butter on a dark pan. And cook it on the top rack of the oven. And be sure not to overcook it as well. said...

I have NO luck with baking. If it doesn't get stuck to the sides of the pan...then it falls apart as I taek it out of the pan.

Shara said...

I've taken to doing the wax paper thing after nothing but sticking with my bread pans. I think I might be guilty of over baking, though. I switched from using like a pam spray to crisco and that has helped. But a bunt (no clue if spell checker is right or wrong...I thought there was a d too) is a mystery. I don't even have one of those pans. They scare me for that very reason. Good luck!

eve said...

C - Do you have a 'hot spot' in your oven? Just wondering if this is a reoccurring problem when baking? It could just mean your oven temp is off. Also, if I don't let my baked goodies cool awhile in the pan, they tend to stick right in that same spot. I'm guessing that you, the domestic diva, DO let yours cool properly :) so you might just need a bit more grease and flour? And I like wax paper too! And yes, it is 'bundt'.

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