Sunday, August 16, 2009

Excuse me, please!

I hope you'll excuse my absence yesterday. I've been busy, you see, helping Ryan prepare for his adventure to Reno. He leaves tomorrow.

There's been a bit of crafting:

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A tiny little photo album for daddy. He's quite concerned he'll be lost without us. I know we're going to be lost without him.

And a bit of packing. I didn't take a picture of the packing, though. Who wants to look at that?

Today, more packing, plus laundry, a quick trip to town, and an early night. We'll be setting the alarm for three-dark-thirty in the morning. Blech.

Don't forget! The big week of giveaways begins tomorrow. If you haven't already, grab the button! There will be an extra opportunity or two for those who have the button on their site.

I hope you're excited. I sure am!


Jessica said...

That photo album is super cute!

Lindsey said...

Okay, HOW did you make that photo album? Or did you? lol I want one for my hubby, he would love it!

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