Tuesday, August 4, 2009

...it's a party!

I figured it out. The perfect thing to keep me busy while Ryan is away... and, of course, it involves you!! Are you ready??

Hold on to your seat... it's exciting!!


Giveaway Week Button

A whole week of giveaways!! Everyone will be eligible to win... just for stopping by and entering your name. I'll post at least one new giveaway every day, starting August 17th and wrapping up August 23rd. On August 24th, come back to see if you've won!

Each item has been hand-picked from Etsy, my most favorite place to shop these days. Some are personalized, some will be the winners choice, and some a pre-determined. I promise you'll find something to love.

Grab the button over there on my sidebar and post it on your blog, website, or wherever. There is a special 'bonus' in store for anyone who has the button during the Week of Giveaways.

Leading up to the 17th, I may throw out a hint or two regarding prizes... so be on the lookout!

...and grab your button now, before you forget!!


Beka's Blog said...

Super exciting for us! WOO HOO! Sorry your honey will be gone but hooray for your readers! I grabbed your button!

Christina said...

LOL! I'm actually pretty excited about *this* aspect of him being gone... if he weren't going, I never would have dreamed up the idea.

I've talked with some of the nicest people over the last couple of days as I plan this all out. How fun!

Theta Mom said...

Wow, a whole week of giveaways! This is a perfect way to get your mind off things! LOL

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