Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another look at World Baby Foods

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Good news! We've found an agreeable variety from World Baby Foods. It's called Sweetie Tahiti, and is made up of bananas, rice, pears and coconut.

Unfortunately for mommy (and the carpet), Camden much prefers Sweetie Tahiti when he's allowed to take charge of the spoon.

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But that's ok... because I'll just have the maid clean it up!

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Oh. Wait. We don't have one of those. Darnit.

Did you notice the Baby Dipper Bowl in action? It really is a useful little bowl.


Shara said...

Those foods sound way to fancy for any good use. :) Do you normally use the prepared baby foods (aside from the cereal obviously)?

Theta Mom said...

Loving that baby dipper bowl! I have to get one of those...My daughter is 9 months-old, so I am soon going to enter that messy stage of feeding time! What fun, right??

Just found your blog through MBC! I am now following! :) You can find me at

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