Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just another day at the post office...

I'm tellin' ya... I don't know what the deal is with our post office lately. It's not like we live way out in the weird part of town or anything. I swear. Yea, our area is a bit... rural... but not devastatingly so!

Anyway, you remember the last post office situation, right?

I pulled in today and took an open parking space next to this stunner:

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(Note: please excuse the crappy cell phone pictures. My real camera isn't exactly inconspicuous.)

It was piled to the top, inside and out, with j.u.n.k. from all walks of life. Coolers, radios, old clothing, tires... honestly? they looked like things you'd find abandoned in the woods. or some other equally creepy place. (pilfered out of tourists cars after you've hung them to dry somewhere?)

Whatever. No biggie, right? Until I spotted this guy *watching* me from around the corner...

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Do you see him? He watched me get out of the car, retrieve the baby, return from the mail box, re-install the baby, get into my car... and he was "hiding" around the corner. He didn't divert his attention until I put my car into reverse and started moving backward.

I'm probably making myself sound like a terrible person at this point, but I'm telling you, he looked like a character straight out of The Hills Have Eyes.

I was *so* ready to get out of there at this point. (and yet I was still mulling over getting out my real camera... aren't I pathetic? I'd be the first one dead in a horror movie. I wouldn't even get a name. They'd call me "dumb girl with a camera" on the credits.)

Because Creepy McCreeperstein wasn't enough, I turned to my right and spotted these gals...

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...they just made my day. Do nuns make you smile too?


Laura said...

so if you're at the post office I think you are, you must live right near my Dad. That means next time I'm visiting we will have to get together. You seem way to relaxed about the creepy guy... I would have called the cops! I'd be the girl in a horror movie who picks up the phone to call for help, and hears some creepy dude on the other line. Yuck! I hate scary movies!!!

Chelsi said...

Ok, I was cracking up when I read this after work last night. Seriously? I dreaded going to our PO Box when we lived in Yelm... for fear of situations such as these. Do you remember seeing the "Seahawk" car in Yelm? The guy that drives it totally reminds me of this Mister McCreeperstein. Anyway, where the HELL is a convent anywhere near us? Please excuse my lack of knowledge when it comes to Catholicism... but Nuns aren't part of the every-day Catholic Church, are they?! Oh, and by the way? I do believe that I witnessed the crazy person that you mentioned in your other Post Office story. I SWEAR he and his wife, who was pushing the stroller, walked right past my office... you know, on their way to what's next door? I suppose it was probably just a similar couple, but I thought of your post and laughed. Ok, that wasn't supposed to be so long. I should have just called you! HA!

indigoghost said...

lol.... nuns. They make me feel so... unclean... or something.

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