Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gossip Girl

I'm not gonna lie. I'm intrigued by celebrities and their lives.

C'mon... fess up... you are too, right? Is there some part of you that can't help but read the tabloids in the check-out line? or maybe you're guilty of surfing the skeezy (is that a word?) fan blogs?

I am. It starts out oh-so-innocently. I head over to Yahoo! to check my e-mail. Before I can make it to my inbox, the front page pops up and boldly proclaims, "Jon Gosselin: Moving Out!" One click, and I'm done for. That one mindless click... it's a can of worms.

I read my article, and it could end there, right? Noooo... of course not! Because there are links to three other equally mortifying celeb situations at the bottom of the page.

Next thing I know, I'm reading about Ashlee Simspon-Wentz and Pete Wentz and their horrendous name choice for their little guy, Bronx. So terrible was their choice, in fact, that it made the number one spot on the worst names of 2008!

...and while we're on the subject, am I the only one who thinks Bronx isn't that bad?

Never mind I've read about Jessica Simpson's $100,000 boat purchase; seen pictures of Kate Gosselin as a tween; and learned how to style my hair like Victoria Beckham.

Is it just me? Or do you get sucked in too? Who's your 'guilty pleasure' celebrity??


Chelsi said...

I get all caught up in... Jessica Simpson gossip, J&K+8 gossip and... the stars from my favorite shows. No others really come to mind. I don't pay any attention to crap on TV or the internet about these people either, I only read stuff in People. So, I suppose it's my splurge when I HAVE to go grocery shopping. I hate grocery shopping... so at least I get to read People!

tracy said...

no, its not just you. I'm so there with you. Its like getting caught up in a web


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