Saturday, April 4, 2009


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Today, I feel like this woman. Let's call her Frazzled Mom.

My car is a mess, as is our precious (scant) living space. Laundry coming out my ears, dirty dishes in the sink, an empty fridge, a full trash can... need I go on??

Looking ahead, I never would have guessed this would be me. I would have denied, to the death, that I'd ever become completely over-run by my Mommy Brain. My eyes would have rolled back in my head if you had suggested, even mere months ago, that I would consistently let my gas tank drop to dangerous lows... or that I'd develop a (scary) habit of inhaling my food--insurance that my plate is clean before the baby has a chance to cry. Do you have any idea what that has the potential to do to your waistline?!

I cannot tell you exactly how, or when, I became this person. Logic tells me it happened somewhere between November 29th and, well, now? But I certainly haven't a clue when it really took place. This... this... transformation.

Never, in a million years, did I think the force would overtake me. You know the one, ladies--the overwhelming lack of ability to complete anything on time. Ever again. Even if your life depends on it. Hey, preggie friends, have I scared the bajeebers out of you yet? Sorry. Sort of.

Tell me, does it get better? Am I doomed to feel like FM for the rest of my life? Heaven help us all if I'm stuck like this forever. Heaven help Ryan, especially, who probably doesn't let a day slip by that he doesn't wonder what happened to his wife. The organized one, anyway.


Miss V said...

Um....did you just describe my life right now?

When I got home this evening this was the scene:

Folded laundry in their baskets next to the couch (that's an achievement)

Baby clothes draped over arm of couch

Toys scattered across the living room floor

Kitchen counter covered in papers, dishes and what not

Sink filled with dirty dishes

Couch cushions and pillows askew

Dining room table covered in books, tissue paper from baby shower gift wrapping

I could go on...

Oh and my car is something to be desired.

So there you have it....mommy brain in full force in California too!

RaT Babies said...

It does get better, and just when you are back in control of your life, you go and get preggers with #2 and the whole process begins again!!!

Maggie said...

i feel your pain. i am also frazzled. :) my tomorrow's to do list in very long! and i ran out of cascade so i can't even run the dishwasher today. yuck.

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