Sunday, April 5, 2009


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If this doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will!!

My parents have a huge bathtub, and Ryan has been itching to get Camden into it for a 'swim.' So we finally got him in there the other day. Daddy went in too--hence the hairy legs in the background!

He wasn't quite sure what he thought of all the water, but he wasn't afraid, either. It's nice to know he probably won't be a total water-phobe like his Mommy!


The Smiths said...

Just a matter of time before you start buying stock in tub toys!

Swampgirl said...

Good for Camden!!!!Since our family spends most of the year near water I was very determined that my babies would learn to swim. They learned to swim before they could walk! All of our early lessons took place in the bathtub. About 7-9 monthes each of them went into the pool. Even though I was always watching them like a hawk, I felt so much better knowing that at an early age they could hold their breath, dog paddle, float on their backs, and kick their legs! Keep up those lessons in the tub!

Christina said...

Anne--yay! bath toys! I can't wait for that stage... and the cake balls? I made 'em while Ryan was home and put him on baby duty ;o)

Lynn--I'm already planning to sign Camden up for baby 'swimming' lessons. I'd love for him to be more comfortable, not to mention more safe, around water.

SuzyQ said...

Awesome photo Christina!!! I love that even though Camden was a bit unsure, he wasn't scared of the water. I want to swim in that large tub! Sigh!

Christina said...

Suzy--If you can, go swimming!! It feels so nice to be weightless during pregnancy, even if only for 30 minutes! lol!

Chelsi said...

I thought I recognized those hairy white legs... There's a pair of those in my house too! Except... skinnier. Little man looks cuter than ever!

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