Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jump, Jump, Jump!

Camden had a visit from the UPS delivery truck today... we trekked outside to collect the box from the front porch in our jammies, even!

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...he was so excited to see the pieces come out of the box while he watched from his bouncy seat, and even more excited when I picked him up for a test-run.

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We had to add a couple of books for his tiny toes, but who's counting??


indigoghost said...

Hehe.. Lily had that one while we were temporarily in TN (since there wasn't room in the car for the one she already had when we moved from up here to down there) and she LOVED it 'til she started walking! I stacked stuff under her with her first one. ;)

Chelsi said...

Have I mentioned I love C's ears? Huh... not sure if I have... **wink** Speaking from experience... he's gonna be a lady killer with those things! :^) OH, on a side note... the Jumparoo is sweet too! HAHA!

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