Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Birthday...

I had such a great birthday this year... and the best part is that it's still not over! This weekend, I get to celebrate again with Ryan's family. Anyway... I figure it's only fair to share some of the exciting details of my day.

When Camden woke up just after seven, I groaned, rolled over in bed and told him Mommy wasn't ready to wake up. Ryan must have heard me, because he hopped out of bed, grabbed Bug and packed him up in his car seat. As they trailed out the door, Ryan told me to do whatever I wanted to. I didn't move a muscle.

They came back in the door a while later with coffee from Starbucks, a cute card, and these...

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...and I later figured out that they had washed my car, too! bliss!

We went to Taco Bell (guilty pleasure food...) for lunch, and then I got to go shopping for some new jeans, courtesy of my parents, (yay!) and poke around Target, my favorite store. That evening, Grandma and Grandpa came over and we had dinner... and cake!

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My Grandma makes this cake, and it is amazing. The bottom is a chocolate cake, then it's covered by a layer of marshmallows, and then THAT layer is covered in warm chocolate frosting. Yum-O.

Our friend Justin came over and surprised me with another bouquet of flowers that evening. This is my favorite flower from the bunch:

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I'm so lucky (and maybe a bit spoiled, too, but is that really so bad??) to have a fabulous family and great friends!!

This birthday, by the way, has left me feeling... uh... old. I know I'm not old, but you know the feeling, no??


Chelsi said...

I love the letters on the birthday cake! I got those for Liz's birthday but spelled out her name! So cute! Yay for birthdays... and you have a few more years before you're old... But you'll always be older than me!!! Oh, I know... I'm not funny. :)

indigoghost said...

Ugh.. I know the feeling! I'll be 28 this year! Way too close to 30!

Rebekah Moore said...

You have such a talent with photography! Love the beautiful pics of Camden always. But the ones of the flowers are also gorgeous! Happy Birthday!

RaT Babies said...

You nearly had flowers from me too ... just as well they ended up costing too much, you wouldn't have had any space in your gapartment for any more! ;)

Christina said...

Thanks Rebekah! :o)

Tori, I totally would've made room, believe me! *wink*

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