Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Promise... and a picture!

I promised more couponing stuff, and then the weekend ran away with me as it always does.

Let's see what I can accomplish today, hmm??

I'll be working on a post with photos of my coupon binder, and a bunch of online resources you might want to check out for additional coupon... um... stuff.

AND LOOK!! Little man finally decided a bottle might not be terrible... once in a while.

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He had to go and choose the expensive one! I have no idea where he might have gotten that trait... absolutely no.idea.


Shara said...

Hmm...gee I wonder. ;) Cute pic. It's nice that daddy can help out with feeding times! Means mommy can get away once in a while. Go have a date night and leave the kiddo with grandma!

Christina said...

totally in the plans, Shara... don't you worry!!

My grandparents gave us a certificate for dinner out while I was still in the hospital... it came with a promise of free babysitters.

...we all know it was just a ploy to get their hands on Camden, but I'll take it! lol!

iliana said...

Love your new page! And yes a bottle once in a while is a great thing. We usually do one on Saturday afternoons so Mommy can at least get some "me time".

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