Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How to be a Coupon Queenie, Part Three

Ok, as promised...

Here is my coupon binder:

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Yes, I take it with me to the store... yes, it takes work to keep it organized and up-to-date... and yes, people look at me kinda funny once in a while. But who cares?? Because I'm saving money and they aren't! so ha!! (the management at Safeway yesterday definitely thought hubbs and I were secret shoppers... can you say impeccable service?!)

The zippered pocket on the front cover holds random things... coupons to be filed, rebate forms, and whatever else. The accordion-style pockets just under the top cover hold sale ads, un-clipped coupons, and other random papers. The inside pockets hold scissors, a note pad and pens. The front page is a contents list, because those are the sort of tabs I had on hand when I was putting my binder together... and behind each tab, you will find a sheet or two full of coupons!

Here are some links you might want to bookmark:

For shopping help, deal scenarios freebie offers and links to printable coupons, I recommend Money Saving Mom, Super Coupon Girl, and Frugal, Freebies and Deals. My favorite is Money Saving Mom... she's a very frequent poster and her site has a ton of stuff to offer! Check out the links on the right under "Start Here" for a shopping tutorials.

For printable coupons, I recommend Betty Crocker, Cool Savings, Coupon Loop, Eat Better America, Red Plum, Smart Source, and Taylortown. (Yes, some of these require you to log in with an e-mail address... so create a SPAM account with Yahoo! or whatever you prefer, and just set all of your log-ins to that specific address. I've got a couponing-only e-mail all set up, to avoid having so much junk sent to my personal account.)

For coupon and circular previews, I recommend Taylortown and Hot Coupon World, respectively. Taylortown is easy to use, and lists the coupons you should be able to find in the Sunday paper. Keep in mind, not all coupons appear in all papers... Hot Coupon World (HCW) takes some getting used to, unless you're a forum junkie, but there is a ton of info. to be found on their site. Registration is only required if you want to post messages. You can read without logging in.

Ok, now it's your turn.

I've listed out some of the basics, given you photos and a ton of links to follow... and now I want to know what it is YOU want to see. So leave me a comment and ask away!! How to be a Coupon Queenie, Part Four will be a Q&A format, so ask lots of questions... so I HAVE SOMETHING TO WRITE ABOUT! Got it? Good!


indigoghost said...

How would I go about getting the coupons from the paper *without* getting the paper? Is that possible? lol
Are they the same coupons that online sites offer? I have noticed that most "general" coupon sites all have the same coupons. Brand specific sites, of course, have brand specific coupons. If the "general" sites have the same coupons avialable in newspapers, then I won't have to worry about it.
I saw one blog mention dumpster diving. That's a big fat no for me.... **maybe** I would, if I didn't have a little bean depending on me to stay healthy.

Speaking of, I realized today that you'll be the first person to know, other than me and the hubs, what kind of bean it is! Yeah, I'm slow...

Christina said...

Nikki... that makes me feel so special! I've never been the first to know! Well--except for Camden, but that doesn't count.

Shannon said...

Too funny - I have the exact same binder for my coupons except mine is blue. I love that thing! And yes, I get some weird looks too but mostly I have people ask me how I put it together and if it really works. I'm glad I stumbled over the binder idea because the little accordian file just wasn't cutting it for me!

Christina said...

it's a good binder, isn't it??

...and yep, I have curious people too, and I love it!!

Frugal Freebies and Deals said...

hey- thanks for the mention!!

Swampgirl said...

Here are some other ways I get coupons:
"All You" magazine from WalMart

Our Library has a coupon trade box.

Order free samples-often they send a coupon, too.

Join Vocalpoint.


Buy them from ebay(great for things you buy a lot of) I buy pet food coupons!

My coupon binder is called "Big Pink" and it really embarrasses my kids!

Chelsi said...

Ok... here's my question. Can we have a hands on coupon lesson? Really, I'm serious. That's my question for your Q&A. I couldn't come up with anything else. Sorry. :)

Laura said...

ok I have a question... what are the coupons you have generally for? With my food allergy (no gluten)I can't eat most processed food. It seems like most coupons I see are for crakers or cereal or some sort of frozen, boxed food. Is this an accurate perception? Since almost everything I make is completely from scratch, do you think I would benefit from clipping coupons?

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