Friday, January 30, 2009

Me. again.

Somehow, I feel like a moron for writing three posts in one day.. that, or I justhavenothingbettertodo. But why would we talk about such things? Because I do have a life. I swear. Today, for example, I took a shower! and I went to the store for pizza toppings! and I worked on our taxes! I am a machine.

Anyway, I'm only here to let everyone know that due to an unfortunate chain of events, it is no longer necessary for me to keep Peanut's Page all locked up like Fort Knox. or like the turnpike on a Monday morning. or like... neveryoumind, that one was yucky.

So, after all of the chaos and commotion, hubbub and bru-ha-ha (is that a real word?) we go back to the way things were... and hey! I survived the whole blasted thing without ever entering the fetal position! I rock! right.

Alright, someone has to make dinner... where's that darned maid I'm always looking for? look in the mirror, mama! She never comes when I call her. Worthless, I tell you.

1 comment:

natsirt said...

yes and it's spelled brouhaha.

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