Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back in the game!

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So I've been a little bit out of the coupon loop for the last couple of months. Ok. Fine. Confession time. I cleaned out my giant coupon binder the other day and I had five (Yep--five!) coupons that weren't expired. Woops.

Anyway--the past is in the past, yes?? So I am diving right back in. I clipped and sorted, my mama clipped and I sorted some more, and I've got quite a few coupons to my name again. My first trip was a great success!! The only problem is that I've got to figure out how to balance Camden's car seat, the coupon binder and diaper bag and still have room for the groceries!

I shopped at QFC and spent $36.03 on all of these goodies, and saved $45.56, which is a 56% savings. I think my best 'find' was the two boxes of Life cereal. I paid $1.00 for them! That's 50 cents each for boxes of cereal that are marked $4.99 on the shelf.

Not bad, huh??


indigoghost said...

How DO you do it? xD Now that we're expecting Bean II, I'm looking for some major ways to save, and looks like you're an expert. Where do you get all these coupons? All I get in the mail even remotely close to coupons are those valupaks (those are pretty much useless, as I don't need any of the services offered...) and a gigantic pile of ad papers with coupons for pizza and occasionally jack-in-the-box. lol Is there some coupon thing I can sign up for?

Christina said...

oh! oh! oh! would you like to learn to be a coupon queenie?? ...because I'd love to teach you!!

I'm (not so) secretly addicted... and families with kids are *perfect* for learning, because there are so many coupons for kid snacks and stuff!

We can talk when you bring Lily over next week and I'll show you my binder and stuff. Later, we could go shopping together if you'd like. It's the best way to learn!

Swampgirl said...

Good Job! I've fallen down on the job since Christmas and I SURE don't have the "new baby" excuse! I did have quite a stockpile so we did not suffer! Today I went to Winn-Dixie and came close to savings of 50%- so I'm back in the game. I have a new fun money saver that I am trying-I'll email you the site!

indigoghost said...

Yes, teach me! :D

Chelsi said...

Um, want to be my personal shopper? :0)

Miss V said...

Very cool. Do you have a baby carrier that you can wear? I found that when I put Evan in it my grocery shopping was a lot easier. Before, I was taking the stroller in and let me tell you that they are not made for groceries!

Oh and I wanna learn to be a coupon addict too! Is it possible to learn all the way from California? hehe

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