Monday, January 26, 2009

Spring, how I miss you... and stuff.

I cannot believe how *cold* it has been around here lately. This is relatively abnormal for Washington. "Normal" consists of 50-ish degree temperatures and rain. Lots and lots of rain. And then some more rain.

Mind you, I think I might prefer the dry cold to the rain... because rain and cool temperatures chill you to the bone... but this is weird somehow. It's like... living in Michigan. But not so cold. And without the snow. Don't make fun of me--I'm a weather pansy.

Is anyone else ready for spring?? I know I am! I'm tired of coats and socks. Instead, I'm ready for carpri pants and flip-flops!! I'm ready for the bright, cheery colors that are a sign of the nice weather... and I'm ready for fresh produce and fruit. Oh, and I'm so ready to be able to crack open a window for some fresh air!

Anyway--I know you don't care about my weather woes. I know you'd much rather see a picture of little Mr. Man, so here you go.

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I don't think he much cares for his hat. It was daddy's fault.

But look at those chunka-monka cheeks! and look! he's already a Coug! Daddy is p.r.o.u.d.

P.S.--I think my blog is good like this for now. It makes me smile when I open the page!, and thanks for all of your votes on the other layouts, even though I didn't use a darned one of them!


Shara said...

I like the layout you ended up with. It works well. :) The heading looks great too. Cute picture, but why'd you cut yourself out? You're cute too!! He he. It's nice to see him filling out. He's obviously a good eater! I'm right there with you looking forward to spring. At least the days are getting longer!!!

Christina said...

lol--Ryan's fault! he's more interested of pictures of Camden these days and apparently I didn't make the cut. Literally.

Jene' Cortez said...

hey there are two parts of Washington. On the east side we get the cold weather along with snow...lot's of snow. Can't wait to get over there where to me it will feel like spring:)

natsirt said...

The text is kind of hard to read with the pattern behind. It would be fine if the pattern was just on the sidse and there was a solid color behind the text.

Fatten that kid up so he can start dressing like a proper gentleman. He's never gonna get the ladies wearing a bib.

indigoghost said...

Love the new layout! I said "awwww" out loud when the banner/header loaded. xD

Yeah, what's up with this weather? I was expecting a mild winter with steady "high-for-winter" temps and lots of rain, and maybe a tiny smattering of ice... you know, something different from the crazy TN "don't like the weather? wait 5 minutes" weather that I'm use to... Maybe I brought it with me.. xD

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