Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Testing, testing, one... two... threeeee...

Today is my 28-week doctors appointment, and I have to stop by the lab for my Gestational Diabetes test. Yaaa-hooo! Or not.

I've received varying reports about the 'yuckiness' of the test... but I'm going to go in with my head high and just gulp that syrupy treat down.

I'm not sure when I'll get my results, but you'll know where to find them.


Anonymous said...

The drink wasn't to bad. I can best describe it as snow cone syrup. It took my doctor 2 days to get the results back. I passed, but my iron was low. This is Jennifer from TN. I went to East Robertson with you. We are expecting our first on November 18
We are super excited! We are having a little girl. I am so happy for you and Ryan. We just started our child birth classes and are enjoying them a lot more than I thought we would..

Jessica said...

Hope the GD test treated you well! I really didn't mind the 1 hour test...the drink actually tasted good to me. It was the 3 hour test that killed me...that was tough...and then I failed it. Ick.

Christina said...

Jennifer, hi!! You're preggie too? Wow! Congratulations! I'm so happy you stopped by... make sure you update me when baby girl comes, if not LONG before!

Jessica, I didn't mind the test either... just like orange-y, sugary sweet soda. Was the three-hour terrible?

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