Wednesday, September 10, 2008

GD Update

Yesterday's GD test wasn't bad at all! The drink wasn't bad, just super orange-y... sort of like an otter pop. Remember those?

The normal range for my OB's practice is 70-135, and I found my results online this morning. My number was 135. Yikes! So close!!

So, for now I wait... my doctor said she's call if there's a problem, and I've yet to hear from her--though the day isn't even half over. I'm nervous that I've come TOO close to the limit and she'll want me to take the three-hour as a precaution. Ick!!

Is the three hour terrible??

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Jessica said...

The 3 hour isn't much fun...since it's takes a LONG time and you have to have your blood drawn 4 times. :( I failed my one hour when pregnant with Eli and my result was 169.

Sounds like you passed though and I hope you do not have to take the 3hr GTT!!!

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