Thursday, September 11, 2008

More test results...

Well crap. More blood work came up this morning online--my iron levels are low, signifying anemia. Funny thing is, they're just *barely* low! My hemoglobin value was 11.3gm/dl., and standard range starts at 11.4gm/dl. My hematocrit value was 34%, and standard range starts at 36%.

Because iron pills are notorious for making you feel like ca-ca, I'm going to ask my OB when she calls if perhaps she'll let me make an attempt at raising them with my diet. Maybe even just for a week or so, to see if it's possible?? If she isn't comfy with the idea, I certainly won't push it, but I truly feel like it's worth asking.

Still no word on the GD Challenge--though I'm positive she was waiting for the results of my other tests, to avoid making multiple calls.

Cross your fingers and toes today that I don't have to go in for the three-hour! Please!


Kelly said...

I had low iron count as well, plus I needed to take extra calcium but the two couldn't be taken within a couple of hours otherwise they would cancel each other out.

I didn't really notice any negatives to the iron pills. I did however see that I could finally watch a whole movie without falling asleep :)

Laura said...

I had to take iron... I finally found some awesome ones that didn't make me throw up, and since everything made me throw up, that was a big deal! I thought they were so great, that I sell them now:o) They also have folic acid in them, so it's an added bonus. There more expensive than generic at the store, but for me they were so worth it. ($18.75 for 90 pills) Anyways, let me know if you're interested. I'll be praying your results come back ok so you don't have to take the dreaded 3 hour test.

Jessica said...

My iron was a little low with both my pregnancies, but my doctor never put me on anything. :)

Christina said...

Kelly, really? No side effects to the iron? Geez... I think you're the ONLY person I've ever heard say that. Do you have a cast-iron belly, or what??

Laura, I remember how sick you were... and UGH. I've got to say I'm glad it's not me!! If I do wind up taking iron pills, I'll make sure to contact you asap! Thanks!

Jessica, you lucky girl! As you'll read in my new post... of course they automatically prescribed the iron!

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