Friday, September 12, 2008

Almost the last GD/Anemia report... I swear!

Ok. I know you're probably all growing tired of hearing about my iron and glucose levels, because really, who cares? ...but here's where I stand this morning.

I got a call shortly after my post yesterday... went something like this:

Preggie: 'ello?
Nurse K: This is Nurse K, Dr. I's nurse. We got your test results and we're prescribing you iron pills. You'll need to take them twice daily, each time with food and a large glass of orange juice."
Preggie: ok? but...
Nurse K: Your GD Value was in normal range--make sure you pick up those iron pills as soon as you can. Have a good day.
Preggie, speaking into a dead connection: But I don't like orange juice! and I don't want to take the iron pills! and Dr. I isn't even MY OB! Can I talk to MY OB please?

Not a very productive call, hmm? When I went in for my 24-week check, I saw Dr. I as a part of that "get to know the other OB's" plan--and she ordered my tests. SO, since her name was on the paperwork, she got my results instead of Dr. A, MY OB.

So off to the computer a went... and sent off an e-mail to Dr. A with my proposal... to attempt to fix my iron levels without the pills. I'm so, so close to being within the normal range that I think I at least deserve a chance. I researched all sorts of things online... what to eat, what to avoid... and I come home from the store with a jar of organic blackstrap molasses, cream of wheat enriched with iron, enriched bread for peanut-butter toast, eggs, milk (not to be consumed with my iron!)... and a package of Hostess cupcakes.* The kind with the cute white swirls of frosting on top. Yum-O.

Oh, and by the way, I'm still waiting for a reply from Dr. A...

*Please note, I do NOT believe the cupcakes will do a lick of good for the iron count, but hey! they sounded pretty good! and I don't have to test for GD again! did you catch that??

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indigoghost said...

Pfft.. My iron count was just a eency bit lower than it was supposed to be and they just told me to eat plenty of certain iron-rich things and to make sure I take my prenatal vitamins every day etc etc.
...and how could you not like orange juice?!

Oh, yeah... Where's a good place to go trick-or-treating up here? I was thinking one of these little suburbs near the apartment.
(This is Nikki, btw)

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