Friday, August 8, 2008

Our garden... it grows!!

Darling hubby that he is, Ryan went out to the garden last night, like every night, to perform his daily inspection. He was excited to come in with something NEW! Tomatoes!

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They're sure tasty, too!! Any day now, it's going to be a tomato parade... to go with our zucchini parade. Which reminds me, anyone want some zucchini??

P.S., I so LOVE what this pregnancy is doing for my nails... see 'em?


Maggie said...

Hey! I love tomatoes too. I just eat them from the vine off my plants right in my garden! I always looks around to see if any of my neighbors are watching me first. :) Your nails looks great!

Christina said...

Yuuumm... I like to pick 'em right from the vine too, lol!!

Jen said...

Our garden is spitting out a TON of cherry tomatos too! It has been a really great garden summer in Illinois with all the rain and humidity. I make a yummy snack that is cherry tomatoes, zuccini and montery jack cheese cubes on a skewer and then I marinate them in italian dressing. They are SO good. You should give it a try...that is if veggies and chesse are on your craving list :-)
Oh, and your nails look gorgeous. I was thinking that before I read your P.S. :-)

Christina said...

lol! Jen, I'm glad I'm not the only one who notices trivial things like outstanding nail growth!! :o)

Tracy said...

hahah. before I scrolled down and saw your little P.S. about your nails I was thinking of commenting on your long beautful nails. I had the same thing while I was pregnant...they never broke either, they were so tough.

Swampgirl said...

This must be the year for Cherry tomatoes! I am giving them away right and left but there are still more than we can use. The pugs like them, too! Bitsey will carry one around in her mouth before she bites it. We have to pick one for her every time we go for a walk.

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