Thursday, August 7, 2008

Love before first sight??

Sitting here catching up on my favorite fellow bloggers and being kicked to pieces from the inside out... I love this little guy so much and I don't even 'know' him yet. How can that be??


Jessica said...

Thanks so much for "de-lurking"! :) I was wondering if more people out there read my blog that I didn't know about! Oh and a fellow Coug too!! Woo hoo! :)

I was reading back a bit on your blog. I am so sorry about your first loss back in November...that had to have been so painful to go through. I went through a m/c at 11 weeks before Eli was conceived and it was horrible.

So exciting that you are expecting again and a boy too!! :) Congrats! Oh and just wait until your little man is born...the love that you feel now for him will just EXPLODE!! It's amazing!

iliana said...

It's too funny....I was just saying the same thing to DH the other day. This little gummy bear is going to change our lives so much and we love him to pieces....but he's also a complete stranger. lol He's been kicking up a storm as well. Dh calls him the little soccer player (big Mexican stereotype lol). Glad you're doing so good!

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