Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Baby update!

I had an OB appointment today, and thought it only fair to post a bit of an update. I suppose it's sort of been a while since I last updated on this little guy of ours.

First things first, before the OB news, baby bean has REALLY started practicing his karate skills in the last day or so. Sitting at my mom's house yesterday, I was stunned to feel so many different, more intense movements coming from this bump of mine! Last night, Ryan was equally surprised to be kicked in the cheek while resting his ear against by belly to 'listen' for baby...

My appointment today was uneventful. I met a new OB from the practice today, just in case she's on call when I go into labor. She was really nice--maybe someone to consider for my next pregnancy, should we still have the same insurance. I'm to the point now where they measure my belly from the outside, and I was spot on at 23 cm. I was pretty disappointed by my weight gain this month... but we won't go there. I know, I know, all for a healthy baby, right? Suuure.

Ok fine, confession. I gained six pounds... ok... fine... seven. UGH!

Anyway... blood pressure was great at 110/56, and (joy!) next time I go in, I get to drink the sugar-water and take the Gestational Diabetes test... icka!!

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Swampgirl said...

I'm always glad to hear a good OB report. Don't worry about the weight gain! And yuck to the sugar test...I failed it! Then I had to watch my diet and didn't gain much weight.

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