Friday, June 6, 2008

I love you all to pieces!

So I know I don't have five hundred people logging in every day to check out my little corner of the internet, but have I ever mentioned how much I love all of you, my faithful readers??

I know that's totally cheese-ball, but I really do!!

It absolutely NEVER gets old, logging in here to comments from people all over the country... some of you I know in real life, maybe I've known you for years upon years--or maybe we recently met? Some of you, I've never once met in person... some of you, I could probably pass on the street and never know the difference. But regardless, I love you dearly! You make my day!

Hmmm... anyway, comment away! You make me smile every time you do! :o)


Chelsi said...

K, I'm going to try to keep up a blog... its proven to be a difficult task for me...

CSI Seattle said...

I usually just stop in for the cheese-balls myself, but the company is pretty good too.

I've now got my wife following your blog as well. Did I mention she likes cheese-balls too?

That's enough now.


Christina said...

Chelsi... good luck with that! lol!

Brian... and Mrs. CSI, hello there! Please to hear there are now TWO Seattle-ites reading, lol!

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