Sunday, June 8, 2008

...and adventure with a purpose

Ryan and I ventured out today with a purpose. Finding somewhere new to live.

You see, we've been "renting" from family for... umm... about a year now? ...and it's time we move on. Time to cut the strings, time to really be on our own.

Anyway, we're on a relatively, ok, scratch that, very tight budget--especially since I'll be done working THIS THURSDAY! YAAHHEEE!!!* our options were already somewhat limited, to the point we were looking at one-bedroom units.

BUT, it looks like we might have found a place... seems as though my three? four? days of computer time, phone calls and spreadsheets have paid off and we just might be set! We have seen these apartments before, but we'll go tomorrow to check out a two-bedroom unit with the purpose of "seeing" our stuff in there before we commit and quit searching.

So there you have it... our newest adventure, and boy am I ever glad this is happening now, and not at, oh, say... eight months into this pregnancy??

*I know you're all thinking... "tight budget, and she's QUITTING??" But let's put this into perspective here. I currently work 15, YES, only fifteen hours per week at a job I, well, hate. It's at a school, and the last day of school is this Thursday (I still get giddy typing that...) and it'll just be easier to quit at the end of the year than to drag this on through summer and potentially into next fall. I also hardly make more than I'm paying in gas to drive there and back every day... and we'll only be moving farther away within the next couple of months. So couple those factors in with my sanity, my ever-expanding mid-section, and our own personal decision for me to be a SAHM (YAY!) and you get... QUITTIN' TIME!!


Maggie said...

good luck with the new place! :)

MikeandJen said...

hooray hooray. i popped into chat and saw the link and couldn't resist... we are starting to move in that direction as well! :) if only we could fit into a 2 bedroom! :)

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