Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In case you think I've forgotten...

...I haven't! I've had a couple of requests for help and a "where to get started" post about using coupons and what-not. My time seems to just slip through my fingers lately, but I'm stealing moments here and there to eventually put something together. Today, I will leave you with two things:

ONE. A short list of websites I have found helpful while I begin this adventure... there will be many more to come.

My absolute favorite site is Money Saving Mom, because she updates almost daily and does a lot of the work for you! Be sure to read the stuff on the left, under "Beginners Start Here."

I also like Hot Coupon World, although I initially found their site somewhat difficult to navigate. It wasn't until I joined the forum, and then spent a good hour perusing the different sections that I really got a feel for HOW the site works. Now, it's a useful tool.

TWO. Record of my shopping trip to Safeway today...

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Mind you, this was more of a "stock-up" trip than anything else... but still stuff we'll use. I'm totally hooked on sugary cereals at the moment (I blame the baby!) so I couldn't pass up the chance to get SIX boxes of cereal for around five bucks. Other highlights include four boxes of Nature Valley bars for about $3.50, three pounds of bacon (I'll freeze a big chunk of it) for $5.74, two brownie mixes for about $0.40 each, free raspberries--the blueberries were $8.99, add the free raspberries and that's not too shabby for a girl who craves fruit, and two jars of Ragu spaghetti sauce for $1.00 each.

Happy shopping, friends! There will be more to come soon...


Swampgirl said...

You are really getting the hang of it! I stocked up on Bounty and Charmin this week - we're good for 4-6 months! :) Start looking at the Pampers and Huggies coupons -you will go through tons of those soon!

Christina said...

I've got some diaper, lotion and wipe coupons already stashed away... lol!!

It'll be fun to start buying those things... :o)

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