Sunday, May 18, 2008

Big day tomorrow...

It's a big day tomorrow!! I have to be in Seattle at 12:45 for an ultrasound at the University of Washington Medical Center. The ultrasound is scheduled to last an hour, and then we're signed up for a second hour with a Genetic Counselor.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least minimally nervous. I have a multitude of reasons for my feelings... but let me just give you the highlights.

TWELVE WEEKS. On Tuesday, I'll hit twelve weeks for this pregnancy... I know, I know... wahoo!!! Second trimester! But it's not that simple. When I was pregnant with Brody, I went to my twelve-week appointment on Halloween. We listed to the heartbeat on the doppler in the doctor's office, and all was well. I was so thrilled to be leaving the first trimester... only to discover, weeks later, that Brody didn't make it past fourteen weeks. This will be a trying time for me, at least until we make it past the point where we lost Brody.

WHAT WILL THEY FIND? This is another sticky spot for me... I'm nervous, just like anyone else would be, to hear the results of the ultrasound. For those who aren't familiar, at about twelve weeks there is an elective test that can be done where measurements are taken of the back of baby's neck. Those measurements can help diagnose the potential for Down's Syndrome.

You might be thinking... why have the test done? Well, if you haven't ever met Ryan's family, you probably don't know about Kenny. You can read about him HERE. Because of our family history, the procedure was recommended to us... and we opted to have it done, although the results wouldn't ever change our feelings about this pregnancy.

Anyway... probably the majority of that was a lot of useless banter... the important part? We get to see our little booger baby on the big screen tomorrow! Yaheee!!


Swampgirl said...

Keep happy thoughts! Because I was ancient when my last baby was born- we had strong suggestions to have amnio to screen for Down's. The ultrasound was very good so we elected not to do amnio. My doc,my "claim your happiness" guy, knew me well enough to not push it and was very supportive. I think I had every other test known to mankind!

CSI Seattle said...

Hey there,

Stopped in after a long absence.

This is a very exciting appointment for you both. Not that it matters how I feel, but I feel good about this. I predict an excellent outcome and then a nice lunch somewhere at a fancy lunch spot in Seattle.

I will be back tomorrow as I look forward to the good news.


Kelly said...

Okay, so its 529 and I have been checking way too often to see an update. I realize you have a life and probably do not run to the computer like I do :) but I can't wait to hear how the ultrasound went!

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