Thursday, January 17, 2008


Ok... well, today didn't exactly go according to plan.

Last night before bed, I wasn't feeling very well, but tried to brush it off and just figured some sleep would make me feel better. Boy, was I ever wrong! I ended up spending most of the night awake, with fever, chills, body aches... you know, the flu.

So I called the principal with whom I was supposed to meet, and asked if maybe we could reschedule for next week. I explained that if it weren't for the fever, I'd suck it up and come in, but really I didn't want to share my germs with all of those kiddos in the school.

So, because of the MLK holiday and what-not, our meeting has been pushed to next Wednesday. Stinks that it's a ways off now, but I'm ok with that. It'll give me some more time to collect my thoughts, I do believe.

Thanks for cheering me on, everyone... now, back to bed I go.

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