Sunday, January 6, 2008

Somewhere over the rainbow...

Something happened yesterday, and before you think I've stepped too far out on the diving board and slipped silently into the deep end, hear me out:

I was driving in to town to run some errands and eat lunch with Ryan. Just driving along in the boring, overcast, rain, rain, rainy weather... thinking about nothing in particular.

I came out under a railroad bridge, and looked up ahead and the sun jumped from behind the clouds, just in one spot, and made a beautiful rainbow. I kept staring at the rainbow while I drove... because it felt so familiar. I had SEEN that rainbow before.

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. The last time I had seen that rainbow, heck, the last time I had seen ANY rainbow, was in the same spot on the day Ryan drove me to the hospital to deliver our little Brody.

That was Brody yesterday. He was saying, "Hi Momma! I'm here! Can you see me?"

I didn't cry like a crazy girl, like you might think I would have. I couldn't. I couldn't do anything... I was just... calm.


.mely snow said...

Aww ;] Brody is watching you! Making sure you know he's around. That's beautiful.

Sarah said...

Rainbows are so magical and powerful. I know a lot of people don't notice them, but when I see one I can't help but smile. Glad you have a special meaning with them too :)

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