Saturday, January 12, 2008

cat barf and "O" cramps...

WARNING: If you're male and/or easily bothered by common female bodily functions, stop reading and wait for my next post.

Today is the big "O" day... ovulation. Not the other "O," thankyouverymuch.

This is depressing to me for two reasons. First, we are not trying again yet, and so while I know this is happening to my body and I'm "ready," physically, for a baby to plant itself firmly on the walls of its 10-month home, there is nothing to come of my "O" this month. Second, I'm not supposed to have "O" cramps, or any other cramps for that matter. I shouldn't be feeling this at all... instead, I should be pregnant. It's all so... sad. And not what I had planned.

Cat barf, the other part of my title... well... need I say more? Gotta love a barfy cat. Gotta love it.


C-Unit said...

Fricken Cats! Lib barfs ALL the time! Better yet... the two cats have it figured out. They both like to eat each other's food. SO, since they're fed at the same time, in different rooms, they munch on their own food for long enough for us to walk away... and then *BAM* they switch! Its like clockwork... halfway through, you'll find Libby in the closet munchin' on oh so delicious kitten chow and Riley in scarfing down Libby's food! AHHH! I swear... Did I say I wanted another cat? Just kiddin'...
Sorry about the useless O. At least you know you're on schedule?

Christina said...

Yes, at least I know I'm on schedule... day 15, like clockwork! It's a good thing.

Too funny about the cats. Riley wants to grow up and eat "big cat" food, and Libby knows where the good stuff is. Her butt's gonna get bigger.

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