Sunday, December 9, 2007

There's more to my life...

As a part of my quest to begin moving along... here's what's happening in my world. I don't want every post to be written only about pregnancy woes anymore. Yes, yes, I'll still update you every time I learn something new, or when something happens, don't worry... but, there are other things happening in life too, and I need something different to talk about.

Thought everyone should know... it's snowing! Yaheee!! I'm watching the cars drive by my house, slipping and sliding around on the road. Let's hope none of them decide to take up residence in the big ditch in front of our house. If they do, I'm sure not going to be out there digging them out.

Some more good news is that we got a washer and dryer yesterday! another YAHEEEE!!! My mom has been shopping around for a new set, with the promise of giving her old set to us upon replacement. Her new set was delivered yesterday afternoon, and my "new" set was delivered last night, courtesy of my sweet, sweet hubby and Justin.

Now, if only we could get that storage shed assembled and some of our *junk* moved in to it and out of the some-day-it'll-be-a-nursery room.

Our digital camera is broken. It was a Christmas present from Ryan's parents two years ago, and on the same day the computer crashed, it crashed too. I want to take so many photos... the Christmas tree, the little tree we planted for Brody, the beautiful orchids from Brandon & Chelsi (they're starting to bloom!), my washer and dryer... the snow. But no, I've been reduced to taking crappy, tiny pictures with my cell phone. Blech.

Oh... and this might be a TMI for some of you, warning!! The bleeding from the "delivery" procedure is just about gone. That means I'll get to start waiting for the 3-cycle-countdown!

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