Thursday, December 6, 2007

A little ray of sunshine...

My appointment went well today!

I think more than anything else, Karen (she's the midwife who oversaw my hospital visit and what-not) wanted to see for herself that I'm living and breathing, and I'm not a disheveled mess!

She re-iterated the fact that the pathology reports were negative for infection or other obvious problems, and stressed the fact that this was simply nature taking it's course. It's something I've come to live with.

Physically, I learned that this bleeding will last for at least another week... bummer! Within a week or so after the bleeding stops, it'll start again, marking cycle one in a countdown of three.

At the end of three cycles, it'll be time to try again! Now... how to pass the time for the next three-ish months?

I feel relieved, I feel optimistic, and I feel like I'm starting to start over. It feels good.

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Jess & Eli said...

You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers, we think of you both often. We know that when the time comes, the little baby that you conceive and deliver, will be the most loved and blessed child because he/she is so wanted! We love you both and wish you the best! Keep us updated!!!

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