Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I feel like Fluffy...

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This is Fluffy, Ryan's Grandma's Cat. Today, I feel like Fluffy. For those of you who know Fluffy, no further description is necessary. For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Fluffy, the only necessary explanation is that Fluffy is a bitch. A crazy, hissing, dramatic bitch.

Post-Christmas Let Down... It happens to everyone, maybe just not in the same way, wouldn’t you agree?
I’m disappointed, but I’m also relieved, because the Holiday Season was just more than I could handle this year. I don’t feel very eloquent this evening, so let me make a list:

Why I’m Disappointed:

• January is generally a terribly depressing month because it’s so… boring.
• The Christmas decorations and goodies have to be packed away for another year.
• I no longer have an excuse for indulging in so many Christmas goodies.Time to become best friends with Mr. South Beach once again!
• The presents have all been unwrapped, and now my house is filled with trash… wrapping, boxes, Styrofoam, just… trash.

Why I’m Relieved:

• It was hard to see family… there was more than one “awkward silence” as people searched for something to say, and it was even more awkward when they chose to just pretend this whole mess had never happened.
• Perhaps now our bank account will recover.
• People will come back to their senses now and suddenly remember that, yes, they DO know how to drive through a parking lot! People will also be somewhat more “normal” in the stores.

Other Things that a Wrong:

• Today I would have gone to the doctor for an ultrasound, and would have been told if I were having a boy or a girl
• We missed the garbage man on Monday. This means we will have double the normal trash, plus Christmas trash… and on top of that, it was recycling week, and my big recycling can is FULL! What to do with all of these boxes and water bottles??
• It has been 29 days. I have cramps but nothing else. How are these related? If you’re a female… do the math. You’ll understand. No, I’m not pregnant, just all screwed up from everything that has happened, I suppose.

Things that are Good… just for Balance:

• Chrismukkah is almost here! It’ll be nice to see everyone… and I’m very excited for Matzo Ball Soup!
• Ryan was very excited/surprised about his Wii.
• I got all kinds of fun stuff for Christmas… including a Coach wallet (contents of the mysterious brown box have been confirmed!), Ugg boots, a paper shredder (hey! I think it’s exciting!), kitchen stuff, a digital picture frame… so many neat things.

Ok, there, that feels better. Lists work for me… they make me feel more organized, even if they are only for my blog, and even if they really will not help me accomplish anything. My list of things to do around the house, however, is suffering as I write this… I simply do not have the motivation this evening to get things done. I feel depressed this evening, and I feel like maybe I just need a big hug and an early bed time… what do you think, Ryan, bed after a late dinner? Sleep helps everything, dontcha know?

One last thought... today I miss some of my friends who I haven't seen/talked to in a while. Stacey, Sarah and Shara, are you out there?


Chelsi said...

I think its really funny you feel like Fluffy... hahahaha. I feel like fluffy a lot too. I'm glad lists make you feel better too...

Shara said...

I am here! And actually I think I might stop waiting for you to call me and call you this weekend. I was trying to give you time, but it's just been too darn long. You can talk about anything you want, though! Coming from the princess of lists (my mother being queen) I totally understand how that can help! Even when your lists don't equal anything particularly productive they def help organize your thoughts! I don't blame you for feeling strange about the holidays. Really it seems to mean less to me as I get older anyway. I'll talk to you this weekend!!!

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