Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What a week it's been...

This week has been less than perfect... I hate to say! But, with a couple of conversations with the doctors and some antibiotics, I'm doing just fine. The problems started last Friday with a UTI and progressed from there. I'll spare you the details!! Life goes on though, and so the belly grows!

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Last night, laying in bed, I was pressing my hand to my belly and thinking, "Hello little one... can you feel me?" and I'm almost 100% positive the little Peanut kicked back! I felt this little popcorn pop (from the inside) near where I was pushing on my stomach. I stayed perfectly still for a minute or two, thinking "Do it again! Do it again!" but nothing happened.

That is what I'm told to expect though... weird little feelings, starting around 15 weeks, but nothing very constant. Then, as the little one continues to grow and I become more accustomed to the feelings, I'll notice it more and more. Cool!

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