Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's over... but not really...

We're home from the hospital. We came home yesterday at around 11 AM actually, but I just didn't have the energy to post here as well after contacting some friends and family.

I feel.... good. Good, in a sense of... relieved. The healing process can begin now, both mentally and physically. I also feel dopey from the residual medications and a lack of sleep, but I know that will pass with time. On a less positive note, I feel like I've been cheated out of something. I carried a baby, granted, not for the usual 40 weeks, but I carried the baby and packed my bag and went to the hospital... and came home with nothing.

I received my first dose of medication, 3 pills inserted near your cervix to cause dilation, at about 6:00 PM, and a second dose at about 10:30. Man, did those pills do their job! The cramping was intense... but I was on pain medication with one of those little buttons you push for a dose any time you want it.

I was amazingly able to get a little sleep through some of the worst pain, thanks to the meds... and Ryan woke me up to use the bathroom (rules of being on an IV) and while I was awake, everything passed. I did not need a D&C afterward, like they thought I might, and that was a relief.

The doctor and nurses were amazed... I was done in about 6 hours, only about 1/4 the time I was expected to take, and with very little medication. I did feel some nausea, most likely related to the pain, but they gave me some medication for that as well and it worked within minutes. I also wore my sea bands for extra measure... I rely on those silly little bands for so many things.

The baby was a boy, and we decided to choose a name for him. We chose Brody, because Brody means "brother," and some day, our kids will learn about their brother. Also, the nurses, who were so amazing, took a few minutes out of their busy schedule and made an itty-bitty set of hand prints on a little card. The prints are no bigger than the nail on my little finger.

I say it's not really over because we still have a lot of stuff to deal with, mostly emotionally. Ryan and I are both so overwhelmed... all of these things we never thought would happen to us, and here we are.

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