Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Baby's first photo-shoot!

Good news! Little peanut is lookin' good! Here's the photo:

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If you're wondering what you're looking at... the baby is that little "blob" in the center of the photo. On the far left is baby's head, making his/her little butt on the far right. At the top are two bumps, which are arm and leg buds. One of the white, more solid dots near the center is the heart, which was beating away yesterday at 188 beats per minute.

My appointment today also went well. The doctor put me on some extra Folic Acid because of a family history of spina bifida, and she tried to listen to the heart beat for me again but we couldn't find it. Probably that was because my bladder wasn't full, so the little munchkin was hiding behind my pelvic bones.

She told me everything looked great from the ultrasound, and my blood work from my last appointment also looked great. So, all around good news!

We find out if we're having a boy or a girl on December 26th, so that will be a fun, slightly late Christmas present... and my next appointment is on Halloween.

I feel so much better now!!


Chelsi said...

You're having quite a holidayish run with appointments!!! Little bean looks good! Funny, I can look at the blob and clearly see a baby!!! Soon to be a gummy bear! Yay!

chelsi said...

By the way... Uncle thinks that Peanut looks like a blob... so maybe I just have well trained eyes! haha

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