Monday, November 8, 2010

Finding new uses...

...for old things! Maybe that sounds cliche by now, but that's ok. Because really, that's exactly what I did when this idea came to mind.


Camden really loves to color. He won't let me *call* it coloring anymore, because he's apparently too big to color. Nope--this little guy draws. But whatever.

Coloring 3

Enter the big, left-over package of wrapping paper from our move. I bought a second box of paper when the first one had been used up, but didn't wind up using the entire second box.

Coloring 2

When I happened upon Camden's crayons the other day, but wasn't able to find his drawing pad, I remembed the box of wrapping paper I'd stashed into the U-Haul just in case.

Whaddya know?! It's perfect for coloring! I mean... drawing.

I taped the edges to the table because it's a bit on the thin side and I knew he'd wind up frustrated if it were to move around too much. He loved it! When dinner time rolled around, and the paper was still on the table, I served his meal right on top. AND! I was pretty darned proud of myself when I rounded the corner after dinner and spotted Ryan folding the paper--and the dinner mess--into a little bundle to toss into the trash.

Even if you were to stop by your local U-Haul spot just for a big package of paper, at $10 for 140 BIG sheets, you can't go wrong.

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