Sunday, November 22, 2009

Up to my eyeballs.

Yep, that title sums up the current state of affairs. I'm up to my eyeballs in birthday bunting, coordinating napkins and plates, decorations and dinner plans. But I'm here!

The week in review?

...a 24-hour power outage.
...wind. Lots and lots of wind.
...and rain. Buckets of rain. obscene amount of money spent on one very important (and delicious!) cake for one very important little boy. shopping.
...rain. Have I mentioned it's been raining? Scratch that. Pouring.
...multiple trips to the party store, the craft store and Target.
...five days off for Ryan. I wish he could be around like this *all* the time.
...and this little guy:

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He's learning to trust those legs he stands on. Slowly, but surely, he's getting to be more and more brave. Tell me though. Have you ever seen a tiny one who stands up in the middle of the room and starts off walking as opposed to letting go of a piece of furniture somewhere?? I haven't. But it's stinkin' cute!

I can't believe he'll be an official toddler this time next week.


Shara said...

LOVE the picture. Way stinkin cute. ;) I know I can't be at the party, but I'll have some time on the 4 day weekend aside from doing a little xmas shopping of my own. Let me know if you need any help.

Christina said...


I wish you were coming!

As for help. Hm. Can't think of anything *yet* but I'll keep you in mind. Thanks! :o)

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