Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Decisions, DIY Projects and Growing Up...

I feel as though it's been ages since I managed to post two days in a row. The hours slip by so quickly, and then it's time to get up and start all over again. I feel as though an update is in order... perhaps I'll find my motivation along the way?

We've been busy around here. Really busy.

Party plans are swirling around in my head, some of the ideas making their way on to paper--some of them lost before I even have a chance to jot them down. Invitations are in the mail, and believe me when I say that felt like a *huge* accomplishment. More on the party later.

Ryan spent the weekend away. He drove the five hours across our state to visit our old college town. It was cold. Really cold. But he had a good time anyway. Boys are funny that way.

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While he was gone, my mom helped me pull a sneaky stunt and we tiled the backsplash area in our kitchen. White subway tile... and man, am I ever in love. This picture is almost embarrassing it's so... ugh... but it gives you an idea.

Camden has decided he no longer requires assistance where spoons are concerned. He's all about feeding himself. I had no idea it was possible to clean a floor so often.

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Messy or not, he sure is cute.

Eating on his own isn't his only new trick. Yesterday, I watched as he took five big steps all on his own. I wonder, will we have a toddling baby at the party??

Everyone tells me I'll be sorry when he finally discovers his ability to walk. Truly though? I'm just excited. Nothing makes me happier than seeing him learn and grow... and if we're being honest? I'm a little bit excited to be able to put him down in public from time to time without him instantly crawling all over a yucky floor.

There--do you feel up to speed? I do. Sort of. I also feel wildly awkward posting an "update" to my blog... but hey, a mama has to do what a mama has to do.

Look for me. Hold me accountable. I'll be back.


Veronnica Watson said...

Your kitchen looks so nice! Good job!

That's so exciting about Camden and his walking! Evan started that just before he turned one and he was all over the place at his birthday party! It was so much fun!

As for always cleaning up the floors in your house....tell me about it! I'm always sweeping, mopping or simply just side kicking stuff to the side! I'll be glad when this phase is over!

mgsprincess said...

Your Kitchen does look nice!! You've inspired me to start posting the pictures I take of all the stuff I make. I always enjoy seeingwhat youare up to..and what a better way for my family to see too!! I love your blog by the way! You have always been such a fun people person!
Tell Camden we say congrats!!! Thecleaning floor thing..hasn't slowed down for me yet lol...think I have sometime for that too.

freddyhutch said...

Hey, if you don't want to clean the floors so much, get a dog! It will do wonders :)

Molly said...

nice job with the backsplash...the back of my stove needed to be spruced up, but I'm so lazy I painted the old brown tile white, yours looks much nicer!!

Sophia's Mom said...

your back splash looks great!

everyone told me the same thing about my baby walking but the time came for her to take off and I don't regret it at all. She has so much fun running around the house and playing side and seek!!!

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