Sunday, October 18, 2009


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We're plant people. Did you know that?

We're also orchid people. Did you know that?

Orchids are a bit tricky, though, and quite finicky. They like certain temperatures, certain amounts of water, just the right light... unless you're lucky, and you find a lazy orchid.

We brought that little yellow guy up there home a few years ago, and he has treated us to amazing, tiny yellow flowers about once a year. They last quite a while, and they always come during the cooler months. Last time it was in bloom, we were bringing Camden home from the hospital.

Ryan has been begging me to take a picture of it this year, and I finally did. He's also been begging me to tell all of you about his prized plant... so, babe, here you go! They know all about your orchid now.

You can see a larger version of the photo on Flickr.


Eve said...

I love that it blooms around Camden's birthday!

Shara said...

Orchids are amazing. I read an article in National Geographic about them just recently. It gave me a whole new appreciation for them. For your reading pleasure. I do believe that's the right one.

Maggie said...

We have Orchids too! I love them!

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