Friday, October 16, 2009

How I Botched the Perfect Proposal

I did. I ruined Ryan's surprise. It took approximately one sentence. Maybe two, if we're being generous.

September 8th, 2005:

Ryan suggests we go camping at Palouse Falls the following day. There are several things wrong with this suggestion... the most important of which is the fact that I do not particularly enjoy dirt, bugs, peeing in bushes, sleeping on the ground, or anything else related to camping.

Ok--fine. I like the s'mores.

...and hot dogs.

Fine. The fire is kind of pretty too.

I was trying to be a trooper, though, and I said we could go. We started to talk about the food we'd take, when we would leave... you know. The usual.

At least I think that's the usual. Like I said--just say no to camping. That's my policy.

September 9th, 2005:

I panic. I'm reading weather reports and seeing lots of cold and rain. All weekend. Visions of blue-tarp camping are dancing in my head... and then I realize something. We do not OWN a blue tarp.

So I call Ryan, who is at work, and tell him I do not wish to go camping.

"It'll be cold," I moaned, "...and wet."

How was I supposed to know he wanted to take me down to the base of the falls and propose amongst the rocks and, uh... other... nature-y things?

...and the bugs. BUGS, I tell you.

So we didn't go. Because I didn't know. It's not like he could say, "Oh no, hunny, we must go. If we don't go, I won't be able to propose to you!"

I think he was already nervous, at that point. Naturally. Proposals equal nervous men, do they not? He's nervous, and then I go and mess with his carefully laid plans.

So that evening, right there in the living room of our cute, blue rental house, he asked me to marry him.

And it was perfect. For us. Because I didn't need anything out of the ordinary for that memory to be a special one.

I gave him a big hug and a kiss, and then he handed me the phone.

"Go on, call your mom." ...and he was serious.

It's important to know your bride before you propose to her, you know? Even down to the details. Like the fact that she'll need to call her mother immediately after the occurrence of an event so big as a proposal.

I know lots of you have been proposed to... tell me the story!


Shara said...

I truly wish I had a proposal story to contribute...grumble grumble (glare at appropriate male sitting in the chair to my right). However! I must say I started reading that and got extremely confused. I'm guys have been married for what, 3 years? Why would he propose again?? /forehead slap

RaT Babies said...

How does a dollar store ring, a meat tenderising hammer, and a man in an apron catch ya? Yep that was my proposal, and it was in my parents bedroom!

RaT Babies said...

OH and by the way he was wearing more than just the apron too!

Allison said...

My hubby left a bag of gym clothes in my car, with a note to go to the gym, shower and come home. When I got there, rose petals made a path to the bedroom, with an iPod and a note waiting on the bed. The iPod had my favorite song (Wild Horses). After I listen to the song, I was supposed to go to the living room, where he was waiting with candles, roses and the ring. It was breath-taking. Right out of a movie.

mgsprincess said...

Don't worry I kinda messed mine up to!!! Mitchell took me out on a night of surprises and back then I wasn't found of surprises...not knowing where your going kinda freaked me I was in the angry mood of not knowing..first he took me to dinner at a pizza place and then to the beach by the train stop. I was walkingon the tracks ignoring him and the next thing I hear is "Damn it women could you just let me propose to you!"

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