Friday, September 4, 2009

Mama's Little Cutie

We're going to Maine in two weeks, just my baby and me. The trip has really managed to sneak up on me, and I'm feeling absolutely, completely panicked.

I'm also absolutely, completely panicked over flying across the country, alone, with Camden. Anyone have any tips to share??

Anyway, as a part of our preparations, we're working on Camden's Fall wardrobe. Naturally, he'll need a hat for Maine, no?

I present, Maine Hat:

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...of course, getting him to leave it on is a battle all in itself, but it's sure cute, isn't it?

Also on the list, a new pair of shoes, courtesy of his Grammie. He's had them for a while, but they're finally a good fit. Yippee!! Doesn't he look cute in his tiny little Chuck's?

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I've discovered something lately. The selection for not-so-tiny but not-a-big-boy clothes really stinks. Is there a hidden gem I don't know about? Where do you boy mama's shop?


Anonymous said...

C - First, little C looks adorable in his new hat and shoes! Second, as far as traveling, I suggest a collection of smallish things that will be brand new for him once you board the plane. And bring a deck of cards. I have no idea why, but most kids are fascinated with cards. Just be prepared to lose a few! :) And new, tasty snacks will be a hit! G'Luck!

eve said...

that was me, by the way!

Laura said...

I LOVE the hat! We were blessed by being given a ton of almost new baby clothes for Anthony, and most of them came from Gap. This is still the only place I can find pants that fit him well. I go in and check there clearance and sales whenever I'm at the mall. A couple weeks ago they had shirts buy one get one free... I got 2 thick shirts for fall for $12.50. Not bad in my opinion.

As for flying... bring lots of things for him to chew on and drink to help his ears, a change of clothes for both of you, tylenol (again for his ears), and a lot of patience! I also recommend dressing cooler than you think... planes are always hot, and it gets warm holding a little one for 6 hours. I put Anthony in his sling too when my arms got tired. I'll be thinking of you! We've made the trip to NY a couple times. Anthony did great, but it was rather draining on us :)

Shara said...

What or who is in Maine that you would fly without Ryan? The hat is cute. :)

Christina said...

New toys. We can do that. I'm happy to see you suggest it, Eve, because I've been wondering if that would do the trick.

I can grab a deck of cards too. How funny! ...and snacks.

I agree with you too, Laura. Why are planes always so darned hot?? Good call on the change of clothes. Oh--and I love GAP jeans for Camden as well, especially with the adjustable waist. He's got long legs, and we seem to have a hard time fitting his waist without him looking like he's ready for a flood :o)

Maine, Shara, is the agreed-upon meeting spot for three wonderful friends... and me! We're all bringing our babies, too. They were all born between, hm, right about NOW and Camden's birthday.

Becca said...

Hmmm... since I'll be joining you AND flying with a little one, here is my plan:

Dress Baby in layers. Onesie with super comfy cotton pants and long sleeve cotton shirt. I, personally, find planes to be cool, so I plan to be able to layer up or down.

Ben-a-dryl. Ask your doc how much, but mine has always given me the go ahead for a little bit to help them sleep.

A sucker. Or 5. Go ahead and get a sugar free organic one. Or just a plain ol' dum dum. And lots of wipes.

$5.00 starbucks gift card for your seatmate. As a "Nice to meet you, sorry about the baby, hope you like kids!" present.

It won't be nearly as bad as you think. I can't WAIT to see you!!!! **hug**

Jess and Eli said...

So CUTE! Love the hat!

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