Saturday, September 5, 2009

Considering a new project...

I'm always looking for a new project. Something to capture my attention--and stuff that gets results! Something new has come across my radar, as is the usual, and I'm in search of an opinion. Or ten. So, please, be opinionated!

Here's what I want:
  • A daily/weekly/etc. photo challenge.
  • An, um, challenge. (duh!)
  • Something that might take me outside of my comfort zone.
  • To use my camera. A lot.
My original thought:

A '100 Strangers' challenge. My mission would be to meet, and photograph, 100 strangers. People on the street, at the mall, whatever. I would talk to them and ask their permission to take their picture, maybe find out a bit of background... and then, of course, write a blog post! I took a peek online this evening and came across an eerily similar suggestion over at DPS.

I'm terrible about talking to strangers, in a sense. Maybe this would help me break out of that shell? Or maybe I'd be horrified and never finish my project. Baby steps, right?

Other thoughts... a picture of my surroundings every day, a 'numbers' challenge... finding a certain number of objects in the world around me... or... something? (ok--this last one is a little half-baked.)

Where you come in:

Help! You people are creative. I just know you are. Do you have an idea?? My main objectives are to continue to learn about photography and to do something... just a little different.

I can't wait to read your ideas. Don't let me down!


RaT Babies said...

I like the 100 strangers idea.

But, here are a few ideas Rob and I are tossing about for you ... not all long term, not all big challenges, but they will give you photographs and opportunities ...

1) A day in the life of Christina ... photos of what you do throughout your day. Starting from early morn to late evening.

2) Out and about with Christina and Camden.

3) A theme each day, like day 1, water, day 2 grass, day 3 leaves, day 4, countryside, day 5 blah blah blah

4) Makeover photography ... before, during, and after photos of someone being made over.

5) A nude? (Rob made me say that)

6) Signs? ... road signs, building signs, shop signs. A guy here in NZ has jsut published a book about all the "Welcome to ..." our town signs in NZ. It is quite quirky.

7) Shapes ... find different shaped objects to photograph each day. Like a circle day, a square day ... etc

8) My favourite things (excluding Ryan and Camden). Eg. My favourite perfume, my favourite bag, my favourite food, my favourite shoes, my favourite people like grandparents and friends, my favourite places like gramma's house, the park, the mall.

Have fun!

Shara said...

How fun! My land lord is a watercolor artist (and a good one at that!). She was down in CA I think and found a bus driver that was very interesting to her and asked to take his picture. Then learned a bit about him and got his contact information so that if she did decide to paint him she could send him a print. Sure enough, I go over to pay my rent one day and she pulls me into her painting room to show me this wonderful bright watercolor of this amazing looking man (dreds and all!). I'm sure he was thrilled to see the result when she mailed him the print.
I also had a photographer ask to take my picture while I was working at the computer store. I thought it was a little weird, but he did a fantastic job and brought me a copy. He was just some customer. So I am totally in support of your 100 people idea!
RaT Babies has some great ideas too. I think it was my cousin who did a week of colors...hopefully she doesn't mind me linking you to her, but she starts with blue and goes on from there. It's a blog challenge of some sort.

Beka's Blog said...

I think the 100 strangers idea is great for getting you outside of your comfort zone. What about an A-Z book for Camden to learn all about ABC's? You could do 1 item per letter or several! Great Grandma did a sort of ABC's book of Christmas for my kids using old Christmas cards and it has sayings throughout for each letter. I'd be happy to get off my bum and get you examples if you want. :) One was like M is the Manger where Mary put the baby in swaddling clothes. Another keepsake for the babe though! :)

eve said...

I love the 100 strangers idea and love the ABC book for Camden idea! Either would be fascinating to watch unfold! Good luck! And hey, if you do the ABC thing, you could cover L for Lighthouse or O for Ocean or S for Sea glass when you come to Maine! :)

Beka's Blog said...

Let's not forget M for Maine! :) I love the idea! All kids end up with ABC books but what could be better than one made by mommy?

Sarah said...

When you are ready for the 100 Strangers project, I really think it will get easier, not harder. So if you can get past like 10, and don't have any terrifying experiences, it will be easy and get more fun. That was my experience in journalism interviewing random students at both Whitworth and WSU. It gets easier. It's also really good for you. :)

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