Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Teething. It bites.

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Looks like today is shaping up to be another long, painful day for my little guy. These top teeth are brutal, I tell ya! We rocked, walked, and talked for nearly an hour before Camden fell asleep this morning. Something that rarely happens in this house.

He looked so cute and happy once he finally went to sleep. How could I not take a picture??

As a side note, I'm asked quite frequently where we bought Camden's RaZ-berry teether. Ours came from Babies'R'Us, but it's always hit or miss on whether or not they'll have any on their shelves. The originals are sold out on their site, but you can get them in blue or pink. Amazon sells them, but I almost didn't even mention them because I was shocked to see the current $14.99 price tag. Turns out, they're sold out on, but they're fulfilling orders for another company. Apparently that company operates without a conscience. You can buy them as a set through Target, but unless your baby uses a pacifier, that seems like a waste as well.

All this to say: try Babies'R'Us (every time I've purchased one, I've had to ASK them to get one from the back), or order online. Happy shopping!


The Smiths said...

Boogers. They suck.

But not anymore now that I'm using Boogie Wipes!

Thanks for the product review a while back. It saved my Critter from the dreaded Nose Sucker Thingy today :)

Christina Simon said...

What a gorgeous photo! Wow.

teething was so hard for my 2 kids.

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